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German Teacher Menu

The Hungry Frog German Teacher Menu pertains to higher level aspects of the program mostly outside of the level of game play and game difficulty settings. It includes German student group management and the German lesson planner and German dictionary manager features. German teachers and German homeschool program teachers can manage their own teacher passwords and student passwords and password enable certain settings menus in both the German Teacher and Player menus. Password management is a tool designed to reduce accidental erasure of one student's progress and statistics by another student, or to prevent accidental changes to the game settings set up by one student vs. another. See the German Teacher Menu | Password manager page for details.

A note about safe game management: Teachers and German homeschool program teachers should export their German dictionaries and German lessons frequently and save them separately from the program computer for safe backup and/or to share with others.

Example menu: Language game Teacher Menu
German Teacher Menu item | German teacher menu features include the German dictionary manager and German lesson planner among others.

Teachers will want to also use features of the Player Menu.

Navigate to learn more by using the links above this frame under the 'Teacher Menu' link to access information about each individual Teacher Menu item.

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