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Hungry Frog Education Software Version 6.0
Hungry Frog German Language Software Program

Player Menu | Pause Game

The Pause Game menu item (also keyboard control-Z) pauses or resumes Hungryfrog German games in progress.

Player Menu | Pause Game:
Hungryfrog German software | Pause Game Menu

A game paused in progress:
Hungryfrog German | Game Paused

The Hungryfrog German program will also automatically pause if you go away from the keyboard or stop using the mouse for a short time. This is to prevent your tadpole family from all expiring while you go away from the computer for a little bit (AFK). When the game is paused your Time Bonus stays the same and your tadpole count remains unchanged. You can resume at any time by pressing the 'Resume' button.

'Resume' - restarts the game in progress

The game resumed:

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